Community Map

 1. Indoor Maps
 2. Wireless Beacons

Note: Due to the lock down our city is currently experiencing, we have decided to PAUSE development on all NON contact trace related functions (like the Community Map at so we can focus on getting the contact tracing part out the door ASAP.

1. Indoor Maps

Citizens can browse indoor maps using the Indoor Map Level Browser and help build indoor maps of public spaces using the built-in Indoor Map Level Editor inside the Community Map.

Below is the zoomed OUT view of the Sydney Central Railway Station, notice the light and orange cloud on top of the station, indicating that there some indoor features being added. The more indoor information the redder the colour will become:

Below is the zoomed IN view of the station, notice the individual level can now be selected from the upper right buttons:

For private spaces you can restrict the viewing of the map to certain groups of people e.g. those people who are actually physically inside the same building as the indoor map they are trying to access.

Community Map becomes with

  1. a measurement tool so you can get some rough distances:

  2. a floorplan tool so you can draw 3-dimensional floorplans:

2. Wireless Beacons

Venues can boost the quality of the collected bluetooth signals by sticking low cost water-proofed bluetooth beacons above their entrances (around AU$20 including battery that last about 2 years).

    AU$20   Bluetooth Beacon

These bluetooth beacons are also useful in providing bluetooth signals in MOVING vehicles that do not have in built-in bluetooth or wifi signals that the Virtual Vaccine app can pick up on (e.g. in taxis, on buses, train carriages etc.).

For ad hoc gatherings, like family picnics or weekend football matches, bluetooth beacons can be deployed quickly by just pulling it out of the pocket. For large venues, beacons can be installed in strategic locations (e.g. at the far corners of a hall) to improve location detection within the venue.

    AU$10   WiFi Beacon

If the beacon location has easy access to a power source, then you can put in even cheaper and more powerful wifi beacons. You have to provide an USB power supply to it, but a wifi beacon can also do much more for you than just broadcasting location, like monitoring sensors and switching things on and off.

By putting beacons in spaces you have control, you are not just increasing the RESOLUTION and COVERAGE of Virtual Vaccine, you are also building and owning parts of the world's first citizen geopositioning network. No need for expensive rockets and satellites, just a few dollars from everyone!

Whether it is for blind people, autonomous robots or delivery drones is extremely important, a terrestrial work that is independent of satellite positioning (which probably will be the first casualty in a major war) is critical ti the functioning of a nation.